Summer academy Hattingen 2016.

Creative courses for beginners and advanced. Unique in Germany: a summer academy surrounded by the romantic timbre-framed houses and industrial culture!

After a great premiere in 2011, the summer academy will take place once more in 2016,.with lecturers from all of Germany.  In a unique setting, between the Henrich mine industrial monument and Blankenstein castle, the range of courses offered vary from a three-part drawing course or a photography fundamentals course, outdoor water colour painting to abstract, large size painting and landscape photography. The course offer even includes an introduction course concerning sculpture and horse painting.
The summer academy offers 36 different course themes in 2016.  A scientific advisory board, consisting of professor Felix Scheinberger (Münster, drawing and illustration) and professor Stefan Ender (Frankfurt, photography) advises the Academy initiators. The academy will be opened on the 4th of July and close on the 9th of September 2016. 


The Summer Academy participators await Hattingen with its historic timber-framed houses in the contorted old town centre and wide, green riparian zones. As a contrast they will encounter the witnesses of an industrial past.  Another Summer Academy location will be a shutdown steel mill. 

The 2016 Academy courses take place from July 4 until September 9.

Further information/ contact:

Summer Academy Hattingen, Tel: (0049) (0)2324 951 395

Contact at Hattingen Marketing: Mr. Georg Hartmann