Hattingen – a lovely town to walk and stay 

With its 3 castles, medieval town cenctre and picturesque surrounding area. Hattingen is one of the prettiest towns within the Ruhr region. The Kirchplatz square with the St Georg church and the surrounding 143 monuments that have been preserved as a whole are worth a visit. Lovingly restored timber-framed houses from the Middle Ages provide the lovely setting of a city that offers a pleasant home for its inhabitants and extends a warm welcome to its guests!.
Have a stroll through the small alleys in this former hanseatic town!
On the trails of history, the past comes to life. 



Cosy restaurants in picturesque timber-framed houses in the old town centre and in the suburbs attract both inhabitants as visitors from afar. 

1396 Hattingen was given its rights of fortifiication by count Frederic von der mark. That event marked the beginnings of the city of Hattingen. 

Today Hattingen has approx. 60.000 inhabitants. 75% of the city zone consists of wood and green areas with well laid out cycle routes and footpaths. 

This has made Hattingen a local recreation area for the surrounding cities within the Ruhr region. 

Quite rightly the saying goes:
Hattingen is there where the woods and the town meet.

The main shopping street in the city centre, also called 'Bummelmeile' (shopping mile) is is a pedestrian zone. Numerous shops and boutiques with a wide variety of goods provide a colourful view which attracts many shopping visitors. Ample car parks and parking space are nearby.

The only requirement is time, which allows you to explore the old city centre besides the lovely scenery and forget about everyday life.