Bus tours

[] City bus tours in open double-decker bus
Those who haven't had the opportunity to discover Hattingen from the confortable perspective of an open double-decker bus, can join the tour in 2017. 
Modern coaches will drive you around on a discovery tour that will take approx. 2 hours and will lead you through the old Hattingen city centre, to the water castle Haus Kemnade and to the hilly region, south of Hattingen, the Elfringhauser Schweiz. The tour includes the classic places of interest – the Blankenstein Castle, Isenburg, the Nikolaus Groß house and the St. Mauritius Cathedral. 
The expert guides will share interesting details and facts with regard to the past and future with you besides an abundance of anecdotes and lovely stories about the region. 

Dates 2017:
Wednesday, 3rd of May, 4 pm

Sunday, 28th of May, 2 pm

Wednesday, 7th of June, 4 pm

Wednesday, 5th of July, 4 pm

Sunday, 16th of July, 2 pm

Wednesday, 2nd of August, 4 pm

Wednesday, 6th of September, 4 pm

Sunday, 17th of September, 4 pm

Wednesday, 4th of October, 4 pm

Departure and arrival:
4 pm, town hall Hattingen, Rathausplatz 1

Tickets fares:
Adults: €16 

Children (under the age of 14): €8 

Groups, with minimum of 10 persons: €14

Seat reservations are required!

Charcoal, steal and schnaps – tour of the Middle Ages, industrial history and lovely scenery of the Eneppe Ruhr region

The 5-hour tour of the region Ennepe Ruhr starts at the busstation, on the fringe of Hattingen's old city centre. From there you will be on your way via Bredenscheid, past the former "Ale Haase" coal mine to Sprockhövel. We will then follow the traces of the people who transported the coal in olden days, until we reach the south part of the coal deposits. 
A small detour into Schwelm, within the Bergische Land resgion, we will learn more about count Engelbert, who died in the year 1225 in Gevelsberg - the next  town we will pass. The bus will pass the town of  Haßlinghausen and takes us to the Hegemann schnaps distillery. 
After a refreshment we continue our journey through the Elfringhauser Schweiz region and the Wodantal valley back into the Ruhr valley. After a tour of the premises of the former Henrichshütte mine and its blast furnace, which is visible from afar, besides the last remaining giant factory work rooms and a detour to Welper, the bus will take you back to where the tour started, in Hattingen. 

Dates 2016:
Wednesday, 6th of April, 10 am
Wednesday, 4th of May, 10 am
Wednesday, 1st of June, 10 am
Sunday, 19th of June, 10 am
Wednesday, 6th of July, 10 am
Wednesday, 3rd of August, 10 am
Wednesday, 7th of September, 10 am
Sunday, 18th of September, 10 am
Wednesday, 5th of October, 10 am

Departure and arrival:
10 am, Hattingen busstation (S-Bahn (urban railway) stop Hattingen/Mitte)

Ticket fares (midday snack included):
Adults: €29

Groups: € 26

Children (under the age of 14): € 14

Seat reservations are required!

Guided bus tour
Groups that travel to Hattingen by coach, can also book a 1,5-hour bus tour. You will be accompanied by a qualified city guide, 

€ 75


Please, book at least 14 days in advance!
All booking can made through:
Tourist Information Hattingen
Haldenplatz 3
45525 Hattingen

Tel.: (0049) (0)2324 951395
E-Mail: info@hattingen-marketing.de