Weekly markets in Hattingen

[] From Easter Monday, 7th of Aprill 2012 the weekly Hattingen market has been located in the new area by the parking space of the 'Finanzamt', Rathausplatz 19. Parking space is nearby. 

Business hours: Every Saturday and Tuesday from 7.30 am until 1 pm

VendorRange of goodsTelephonesince
Gärtnerei Dirkes (garden centre)
Andreas Dirkes
Vegetables, flowers, plants (0049) (0)201 4811681962
Amir Feinkost (delicacies)
Dieb Al-Abtah
Delicacies(0049) (0)176 258916382011
Bäckerei Nieland (bakery)
Frank Nieland
Bread and pastries(0049) (0)2324 23574 
Brot- und Backwaren Mandella (bread and pastries)
Georg Mandella
Silesian bread, cakes and pastries(0049) (0)177 7973911 
Imkerei Schleier (honey farm)
Heinrich Schleier
Honey farm products, honey, pollen, etc.(0049) (0)2339 34801989
Textilien Kretzschmar (textiles)
Heinz Kretzschmar
Textiles(0049) (0)2324 737351956
Obst und Gemüse Brandenstein (fruit and vegetables)
Heinz Ulrich Brandenstein
Fruit, vegetables, potatoes, tropical fruits(0049) (0)151 194922651954
Eier Faltus (eggs)
Herbert Faltus
Eggs(0049) (0)208 82928961972
Fleisch- und Wurst Jedanietz (Meat and sausages)
Horst Jedanietz
Meat and sausages(0049) (0)178 68955111998
Knusper Grill GmbH
Hortlu Haci
Grilled chicken (0049) (0)163 25743051990
Obst- und Gemüse Koba (fruit and vegetables)
Jacek Koba
Fruit and vegetables(0049) (0)2324 2015611998
Kartoffeln Sieg (potatoes)
Jürgen Sieg
Potatoes(0049) (0)172 3837095 
Textilien Lund textiles)
Kawal Kumar Lund
Textiles(0049) (0)162 37106522007
Kräuter-Tee-Gewürze Hebel e.K. (herbs, tea and spices)
Klaus Hebel
Spices, tea, specialities(0049) (0)177 59444111992
Käse Wettlaufer (cheese)
Kornelia Wettlaufer
Cheese specialities(0049) (0)177 92909142003
Brot und Backwaren Alsen (bread and pastries)
Manfred Alsen
Bread and pastries(0049) (0)173 26642341970
Blumen Cahan (flowers)
Mehmet Cahan
Cut flowers(0049) (0)157 71365993 
Eier Nadarevic (Eggs)
Mine Nadarevic
Eggs, honey, pumpernickel, and much more

(0049) (0)163 6425024

Textilien Rahimi (textiles)
Mohammed Arif Rahimi
Textilies(0049) (0)178 92568352002
Geflügel Heitz (poultry)
Peter Heitz
Fresh poultry and game 1971
Wurstwaren Smiarowski (sausage products)
Peter Smiarowski
Silesian sausage specialties 1990
Ratinder Singh
Textilies(0049) (0)178 7106391 
De Grieze
Roy Geeraets
Fish(0031) (0)6229 862451974
Fleisch und Wurstwagen Ligensa (Meat and sausages)
Silvia Kuhlendahl
Upper Selisian sausage specialties(0049) (0)157 749525511975
Kartoffeln Kahlfeld (potatoes)
Udo Kahlfeld
Potatoes, onions, tomatoes 1976
Gemüse Mähl (vegetables)
Ursula Mähl
fruit, vegetables, eggs(0049) (0)177 49053901956
Fleischerei Krüger GmbH (butchery)Krüger butchery(0049) (0)2324 268001967
Additional vendors who offers their goods occasionally:
Andreas Tönis
Smokehouse – salmon, trout, eel(0049) (0)163 21336082011
Jarmail Singh
Jarmail Singh
Textiles(0049) (0)173 8462484 
Schaumstoffe Stephan
Jürgen Stephan
Foam materials(0049) (0)2045 4030681970
Vera und Matthias Gebauer
home-grown pumpkins(0049) (0)177 6152390 

Additional weekly markets in Hattingen:
Wochenmarkt Hattingen-Welper

Friday 7.30 am – 1 pmr
Square on the Thingstraße
approx. 20 stalls

Vendors offer: fruit and vegetables, flowers and plants. canned fish (every 2nd week), fish, textiles, bread and pastries, sausages and meat, confectionary, table linen and wool, poultry, eggs, potatoes